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Special Needs Planning

Posted on April 20th, 2022

When planning a long-term financial future, sometimes it is necessary to consider special needs as part of that planning. Perhaps a loved one is disabled and currently receives some government assistance. In such a case, it is very important to plan in such a way that their assistance will not be disqualified. Planning for special needs can, therefore, require the help of an expert in special needs estate planning to help you navigate the battlefield successfully.

What Are Special Needs?

Special needs refers to a person that has special needs such as a disability or health-related issue. A special need can be physical or mental and may necessitate the help of government or state sponsored programs in order to make ends meet. A child with Down Syndrome, for example, may be eligible for federal or state sponsored benefits to help with the cost of everyday care or even experimental treatments. The last thing you’d want to do when planning for special needs is to do so in such a way that makes your loved one ineligible for these programs. According to, you should avoid disinheriting family members with special needs. There are other, better options to consider. Some of these options may be outlined on state websites such as their department of human services webpage.

In the past, many have avoided planning for someone with special needs out of an abundance of caution. They may have left more to a healthy child than a special needs child, for example, in order to avoid any entanglements with various assistance programs available. Such a method is not only unnecessary, however, but may even be viewed by some as being outwardly cruel. Careful and effective planning can be done in such a manner that various federal or state benefits are not put at risk while part of an estate is left to the child with disabilities.

Do I Need A Special Needs Planner To Help?

The majority of people today that has a child with disabilities could use assistance from an estate planning professional. A mistake made in the planning process can not only put their current benefits at risk, but can also have serious tax or even legal consequences as well.  Although you may consider yourself an expert in estate planning, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by consulting with a professional planner.

To determine if you need special needs planning done, first consider your family and heirs. Do you have a child with disabilities? Perhaps a child that receives funding from the state to assist with a disability or problem? If you do have a child that is disabled or receives benefits currently, then you certainly ought to consult a professional planner. These estate planners know the ins and outs of estate planning and can help you plan for a disabled child or heir. Doing so correctly can be the difference between increasing their benefits and funding and decreasing it.

If you have questions about special needs planning or need to get started, consider consulting with our Special Needs Planning Lawyers in Mooresville today. A firm such as Daily Mills Estate Planning can assist you and make you comfortable in the process. Our Mooresville estate planning attorneys are here to answer any questions you might have and to assist you in making a plan that will benefit your child or heirs and make you comfortable with what you have done. Do not put your child or heirs at risk. Give us a call today or visit us online at Daily Mills Estate Planning to get started or learn more.