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Nick D.

Danielle helped my parents update everything from their estate plan and powers of attorney for health care decisions and advance driving directives to orderly distribution of personal items among siblings and their memorial wishes. She was very thorough, reassuring and patient. The service and quality were top notch. She was great to work with as was everyone at the firm.

Scott F.

Danielle is a gem plain and simple. I am out of town and had to get work done remotely and she made it easy.


Due to Danielle Feller’s experience, tenacity, and ability to pull out the slightest of details; I can say that I was found “Not Responsible” at the end of a Title IX hearing, following months of false allegations. Her expertise in preparation helped demonstrate throughout my hearing that the claims against me were heinous and unsubstantiated. Ms. Feller worked through mountains of evidence to reveal the truth of my case, determined to protect my name and education. Aware of the stress of my situation, Ms. Feller would often reach out to me by phone, addressing any concerns I had no matter how small. Because of this I was able to keep positive, feel confident enough to live my life, and stay focused on my studies. It is an overwhelming feeling to know that people such as Danielle exist in our world. Knowing that Danielle was there everyday fighting for me kept my spirits high. I don’t believe I could ever thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life.


I recently hired Danielle Feller to handle a minor criminal matter in Mecklenburg County. She did a wonderful job at explaining the process to me, the options I had, and ultimately got the matter dismissed. I would recommend her and the Roberts Law Group team to anyone that needs representation in a criminal defense matter.


Danielle was helpful and assisted me throughout the process in getting my case dismissed. Recommend


Danielle is exceptional at what she does. She truly is making the world a better place one case at a time. She has the determination to take on any opposition. As well as a caring nature when communicating facts to her client.


We are so appreciative of Danielle Feller and Donna Glenn of Robert’s Law Group. We had no idea of all that is involved in the court process and were much relieved to be in such good hands. She explained in detail the likely outcome as well as possibilities and how things would be handled. Beginning with my initial call we were reassured and provided with information about the process including setting up a follow-up call with Danielle. From that point through the dismissal, communication to explain the process, keep us updated, and answer each question was outstanding. We highly recommend Danielle and her firm, an exceptional attorney and law group.

Marnie W.

A LIFE SAVER!! Highly recommended

Scott D.

Danielle Feller took charge of my situation and steered me into the right path I needed to follow. Such a lovely person to work with!