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Knowledgeable Medicaid and Long-Term Planning Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

In Need of a Medicaid and Long-Term Planning Attorney in Charlotte, NC?

Our Charlotte Medicaid and long-term planning lawyers at Daly Mills Estate Planning understand the financial burden associated with admittance into nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other extended-care accommodations.

No matter how much an individual, couple, or family saves, the cost of these living arrangements can overwhelm anyone’s finances. And the fear of living in or placing a loved one in an environment where their care is based on their financial standing can be overwhelming.

You, nor your family, have to be afraid of the unknown.

Our knowledgeable long-term planning attorneys in Mecklenburg County help North Carolina residents discover asset protection strategies and supplemental Medicaid coverage that will allow them to pursue the suitable care they need today and going forward.

Who Needs a North Carolina Medicaid & Long-Term Care Planning Attorney?

Long-term care, assisted living, and Medicaid all fall under complex state and federal regulations that change frequently. That means discovering the types of supplemental assistance that are available is often dictated by an individual’s current assets and overall financial standing.

Our skilled Medicaid and long-term care planning attorneys in Mecklenburg County encourage all North Carolina seniors to uncover all potential healthcare supplements and coverages available to them to help ensure that their future quality of life is not jeopardized by the lack of financial stability.

When our clients can solidify their long-term care plans, they can fully understand their eligibility for:

  • Medicaid for nursing home benefits.
  • Special Assistance for assisted living benefits.
  • Veteran’s Benefits for home health care, assisted living care, or nursing home care.

Based on your individual needs, our skilled Medicaid and long-term planning attorneys in Charlotte help position our clients for coverage eligibility while preserving their assets, so they can keep more of what is theirs.

Our Charlotte Estate Planning Attorneys Also Focus on Following Following Areas:

How Do North Carolina Residents Qualify for Medicaid?

No matter where you live in North Carolina, qualifying for Medicaid can be challenging because it is based on strict asset and income limits, and varying medical requirements that are dictated by state and federal government guidelines.

To qualify for Medicaid in North Carolina, an individual’s personal, countable assets — which are defined as cash, checking accounts, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, investments, and any real estate in which one does not reside — may not be valued at more than $2,000.

Non-countable assets are not part of the eligibility calculations, and may include:

  • Your Home
  • One Vehicle
  • Household Goods

Other resources are specifically exempt under the law, which is regulated differently for each program.

Our dedicated North Carolina Medicaid and long-term planning lawyers take the guesswork out of the eligibility evaluation and filing process using purposefully designed legal strategies to preserve as many of our client’s assets as possible.

That may include appropriate planning techniques for:

  • Changing the status of our client’s assets.
  • Obtaining or funding assets that would fall under the exempt rule.
  • Making suitable asset transfers to create an advantage for those we represent.

The complex regulations regarding Medicaid coverage and eligibility change frequently and unpredictably, which is why it is important to form and implement a long-term plan that puts you ahead of any potential legislative changes that may jeopardize your eligibility for certain programs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you plan for your immediate and future needs, so you have access to the healthcare supplement programs you need going forward.

Contact Our Dedicated Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning Attorneys in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Today

To learn more about how we can help you and your family create a customized Medicaid and long-term care plan to improve your current and future quality of life, call us at 704-595-2433 to schedule an initial consultation with our estate planning attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina at Daly Mills Estate Planning today.