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Skilled Asset Protection Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina

In Need of an Asset Protection Attorney in Charlotte, NC?

At Daly Mills Estate Planning, our experienced Charlotte asset protection attorneys understand the incredible challenges our North Carolina clients face when outlining plans to safeguard their financial futures.

For some, the struggle between fulfilling their short-term monetary needs and long-term financial goals can be overwhelming to the point of avoidance. That is why we are here.

Our Charlotte asset protection attorneys focus solely on protecting our fellow North Carolina residents’ futures by providing unique legal strategies that advance their visions, so they can plan with confidence.

Along with our team of skilled Mecklenburg County lawyers and support staff, Daly Mills Estate Planning delivers customized solutions for individuals, families, and trusts, so they can protect the assets they have worked so hard to attain.

Gain Confidence in the Future by Partnering with Our Asset Protection Attorneys in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

At Daly Mills Estate Planning, our experienced team of asset protection attorneys in Charlotte know how quickly a single life event can change the trajectory of our client’s finances.

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a divorce, an unplanned business closure, or another significant economic loss, assets are at risk any time there is no protection plan in place.

Our skilled asset protection, planning, and management attorneys provide the confidence our clients need to outline their assets, risks, and financial goals to establish a protective structure that fits their individual needs.

Our Charlotte Estate Planning Attorneys Also Focus on the Following Practice Areas:

Can an Asset Protection Attorney Help Me Plan for Long-Term Healthcare Needs?

At Daly Mills Estate Planning, our asset protection attorneys in Charlotte help our clients plan for the rising costs associated with any potential long-term healthcare today, so they are not financially overwhelmed later.

Whether your health is better than it has been in years, or if you know long-term care is a necessity, the cost of assisted living can quickly erode your existing assets, causing increased stress and anxiety about the quality of care you can afford.

Protecting your assets now may allow you to pursue alternate forms of financial assistance through supplemental programs to help shoulder the financial burden.

What Types of Supplemental Programs are Available for the Long-Term Healthcare Needs of North Carolina Residents?

Depending on your overall long-term financial protection needs, you may be eligible to pursue one of North Carolina’s many supplemental healthcare programs.

The city/county supported Special Assistance Program provides financial supplements to help pay for room and board in residential facilities.

This Program has a restrictive income cap, which requires applicants to provide financial disclosures to qualify for residency at certain adult care homes, family care homes, and group homes.

Another potentially viable option for many North Carolina residents is the federal and state Medicaid program that helps provide benefits and cover healthcare costs that are not typically afforded to those with Medicare, like the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care.

SNF Care includes nursing home and personal care services that do not necessarily have an income cap, but may count certain resources against your eligibility, based on Medicaid regulations.

The Veteran’s Administration Benefits assists eligible North Carolina military members with medical care, long-term facility needs, and the appropriate benefits they deserve for their years of service to our country.

Our experienced Charlotte asset protection lawyers will work to customize a unique legal strategy to help you gain access to supplemental programs while preserving your existing holdings in full accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines. Contact us today to learn more.

Is Asset Protection Available for North Carolina Residents with Special Needs?

At Daly Mills Estate Planning, our dedicated asset protection attorneys in Charlotte know that caring for a loved one with special needs restructures our clients’ financial priorities.

While the health, safety, and well-being of their loved ones is a primary concern, it is their continued quality of life that requires a long-term financial plan.

To maintain the lifestyle of care and comfort our clients provide special needs family members, they must ensure their estate and trust assets are properly distributed after they are gone, without potentially disqualifying their survivors from government benefits.

At Daly Mills Estate Planning, our asset protection attorneys in the Charlotte area are dedicated to helping our clients keep their existing finances separate from the assistance they may be eligible for from North Carolina government programs.

When you partner with our Mecklenburg County asset protection law firm, you work one-on-one with our dedicated estate planning attorneys who provide customized legal strategies and solutions that allow our clients to make informed, intelligent decisions regarding their long-term plans.

We help you and your loved ones confidently enjoy the quality of life you deserve knowing each asset is protected while still getting the care you need.

Contact Our Dedicated Asset Protection Attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina Today

To learn more about how we can help you and your family create a customized asset protection plan to safeguard your futures, call us at 704-595-2433 to schedule an initial consultation with our estate planning attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina today.